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Is Distance Learning Right For you?

Congratulations. You have finally made the decision to go back to school to get your college degree, but you are worried about the cost and the time away from work. Maybe distance learning is an option. In order to find out if distance learning is right for you it may help to ask yourself a few questions.

Are you self-motivated and can you learn and study without a teacher looking over your shoulder? If you think you have the discipline to follow a course outline and study by yourself then distance learning could be a great fit. If you are someone who can force themselves to complete projects and assignments on your won and

within specific deadlines then you are also well-suited to learning on line.

Can you eliminate or avoid the distractions that come from learning at home? Just remember that unless you live by yourself then other people will continue on their normal activities all around you as you try and learn. Successful distance learners have a quiet place to listen, learn and study and they find this time and space regardless of how many kids they have or how hectic their household may be.

Can you learn alone? Some people need the support and companionship of others in order to learn and it is a drastic step to move to the isolation

of distance learning. Maturity and dedication to your studies will help but at the end of the day it's you and your computer screen and you will need a plan to deal with the lack of classmates in your distance learning program.

Can you ask for help? At a regular school many people are reluctant to "bother" the teacher with questions that they think other people will find stupid, so they stay quiet and try to pick it up on their own. The result is less than successful. With distance learning the same problem could certainly arise and unless you are prepared to ask for help the results will be similar. Most programs offer an

e-mail question and answer service and some even offer special assistance and tutorials. If you want to ensure your success you may have to take advantage of these services.

There are many benefits of distance learning but remember that there are also some difficult challenges to overcome. Distance learning may not be for everyone but if you are self-motivated, avoid distractions, learn alone, and ask for help, it just may be the right way for you.
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