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Now Creating Your Own Distance Learning Courses Makes More Sense Than Ever

Peope are flocking to distance learning to grow personally and professionally. When you create and teach a DL course, you help people, establish your expertise, promote your practice, and generate passive revenue.


Check out copyright laws at . Attach the © to your materials, and respect the copyrights of others.

Offer options – streaming video, audio, teleconference, packaged, modules, self-paced, or all. Include individualized instruction, and email interaction, and make your products licensable (another revenue


Plan lesson and homework to take one hour a week, for busy adult learners. For free bridge line, go to .


You can see (or may have experienced), the tremendous advantages to DL-
·Flexibility for the student
·Access to the instructor
·Affordable and convenient
·Concentrate in privacy and convenience of own home or office
·Self-paced learning
·Ability to reach diverse individuals globally and accommodate different learning styles
·Once established, the courses run themselves

Disadvantages are mainly for those students who learn

better in a real-time group situation.


Check out sources like , and to see what topics you have knowledge in are popular. Use a dedicated website or a ‘school’ like . For a free international bridge line go to: Eventually you can turn the logistics or registration and emailout over to a VA.

Create a CERTIFICATE for your students with your URL and phone number on it so when they

display it, others can find you.

To jumpstart the process, hire a distance learning coach. Writing and teaching on the Internet require a new set of skills.

Teaching has been called "the highest form of learning." When you teach they learn, you learn and it’s a win-win situation.

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