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Why It's Never Too Late To Start Distance Learning

Sometimes, it's really difficult to take a step backwards.
There are some decisions that simply can't be undone or
even corrected. But distance learning and elearning have
impacted the way many adults are getting and furthering
their educations. The reason? It's really a simple matter
of convenience.

Once a person takes the first step into a full time job,
their lives have probably changed forever. With a full time
job, there's the need for a car, a place to live and other
purchases and financial obligations.

It's difficult or impossible to satisfy those
responsibilities without working full time, and it's
equally difficult or impossible to work full time while
making any real headway towards a degree. At least it was,
until distance learning and elearning appeared on the
education scene.

Added to

the financial aspect of adult responsibilities are
the family obligations. Many adults who already have
children are realizing that their income potential is much
more than what they are making now.

But having a family further complicates the issue. Instead
of just holding down a full time job while attempting to
get a degree, the parent is also juggling, for example,
soccer practice, dance recitals and parent-teacher

By the time the parents help kids with their homework, it's
bedtime and another day is gone. While most adults with a
drive to learn can squeeze in a few hours each week to work
on their degree, some find it impossible to create a
routine that allows them to attend classes.

Elearning is the answer because the student works at his or
her own pace with materials that are

exclusively online.

An added benefit of elearning is that many programs offer
greatly accelerated graduation time. Can you imagine
dedicating the next three or four years to a full-time
student status in order to gain a degree? Many programs
offer certificates of training or even degrees in just a
few months, depending on your previous educational
background and the program you seek to enter.

You might immediately come to the conclusion that elearning
will be easy. The fact is that it takes dedication -
probably more so than a regulated classroom. Instead of
having teachers to report to on a regular basis, students
are left to work on their own.

For some, the temptation to simply not work on the
assignments is strong because there's no one periodically
checking progress. Some programs require students

physically attend a class on a regular basis, usually once
a week and sometimes as a distance-learning environment.
This helps the student stay on track to ensure that the
course is completed on time.
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About the Author

John Tipton dropped out of school early, and worked boring
jobs for 20 years. Then he discovered 'distance learning'
and finally got the education he missed. After lots of
different courses at lots of different schools, Peter
shares his experience in this series of useful articles.

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