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Distance learning is not a new idea, it's been around for quite a while - people have been getting an education or acquiring training qualifications via correspondence courses almost since the regular post service started. But today the big difference is that people are doing their distance learning online.

Getting your education online has several advantages. Perhaps the biggest is that of speed - no more waiting for the postman! But speed in communication can also mean an increase in interactivity, quicker feedback from your class tutors and easier access to reference materials.

Whether you're studying for a degree or taking an online high school course, training in real estate or accountancy, there's a huge choice of options open to you. E-learning has really taken off over the last few years, and continuing your education even though you're a long way from any school or college, or have to stay at home to mind the children, is no longer a barrier if you have internet access. Getting that distance learning degree need no longer be a pipe-dream!

Obviously, there is a huge variety of academic courses available online, but there are also numerous other areas in which you can get training, from law enforcement to diving. While some qualifications require a practical element, there is always theory to learn as well, and in many cases you can do this part of your course online; this can be a real money-saver.

This website will provide you with important basic information on 12 major distance learning course subjects, with additional resources on many aspects of online education. You'll also find information and links to the latest news in the field of E-learning.

YOU can educate yourself online - happy studying!

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